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So i know i have not been submitting any art on my DA account lately and i will explain why...

So the weather where i live has been shitty for so long it is just raining day in day out and i need some sun!Korra Epic Freakout Scream Plz 
But that's why i can't take any schleich pics, And i want to take some pics in the snow with the schleich seals and polar bears and soooo much more but the weather... 

And i have not been uploading some traditional art because everything i draw is just way to personal lately and i have been improving so much and i just want to upload something but all the stuff that i draw is just not good... But maybe someday in the future i will draw something amazing and show the world... Ok i'm getting of track here.

And the third reason for my absence is a lack of time. With teaching, training, evening classes and everything in between i'm a little busy to make a serious art work but i do sketch allot maybe i'll upload some doodles i don't know you tell me what you think of that.

The last thing i want to talk about is TLOK i don't know if any of you watches the legend of korra, but i am in love with that show because i grew up with the legend of aang and this is the follow up from that. But on friday they aired the finale of season 4 and now the show is over and the creators are NEVER gonna make a show like ATLA or TLOK again and i'm just sooo sad but happy at the same time that i was one of the many lucky children to grow up with the two shows i watched ATLA when i was a kid and TLOK when i was a teenager-young adult. So yeah, but if you do watch the show then please let me know your thoughts about the finale and just the whole series in general. I really love how the creators Mike and Bryan gave us an open ending so we can kinda choose what way they will go. But i'm not gonna spoil anything.Lin Beifong Emote (DAT FACE DOE) 

So that was all i wanted to share with you.
I hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year!!   :3 

*teleports to the avatar world* bye suckerss!!! *lives happily ever after*It' 


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I am a very down to earth kinda person who loves drawing and i love discovering new things and adventure, And my animals are my big love ,...

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I-AmAnonymous Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Thanks for everything and i will definitly follow the group!:)
But not donate i'm sorry i just dont have money for that
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can you be part of my watch list?
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Happy B-Day :D:party:
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Thank you Huggle! 
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Fine :)
And you?
btw thanks for watching me
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thanks ;D
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